Commit 66a82fd8 authored by Jeroen van Baarsen's avatar Jeroen van Baarsen

Merge pull request #8858 from Razer6/update-version-sorter

Update version sorter to 2.0.0, fixes #8572
parents 82a9a4c0 1c7947ac
......@@ -617,7 +617,7 @@ GEM
raindrops (~> 0.7)
unicorn-worker-killer (0.4.2)
unicorn (~> 4)
version_sorter (1.1.0)
version_sorter (2.0.0)
virtus (1.0.1)
axiom-types (~> 0.0.5)
coercible (~> 1.0)
......@@ -192,10 +192,12 @@ describe ApplicationHelper do
it 'sorts tags in a natural order' do
# Stub repository.tag_names to make sure we get some valid testing data
expect(@project.repository).to receive(:tag_names).
and_return(['v1.0.9', 'v1.0.10', 'v2.0', 'v3.1.4.2', 'v1.0.9a'])
and_return(['v1.0.9', 'v1.0.10', 'v2.0', 'v3.1.4.2', 'v2.0rc1¿',
'v1.0.9a', 'v2.0-rc1', 'v2.0rc2'])
to eq(['v3.1.4.2', 'v2.0', 'v1.0.10', 'v1.0.9a', 'v1.0.9'])
to eq(['v3.1.4.2', 'v2.0', 'v2.0rc2', 'v2.0rc1¿', 'v2.0-rc1', 'v1.0.10',
'v1.0.9', 'v1.0.9a'])
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