Commit 65b392c3 authored by Dmytro Zaporozhets's avatar Dmytro Zaporozhets

Merge branch 'merge-status-transition' into 'master'

Update merge_status state to allow more transitions

Previously you could only transition from the unchecked state to one of the others. This meant that the mark_as_unmerged call in AutoMergeService would rarily be able to actually transition the state. As it would usually have already been set to can_be_merged before it hit that service.

Spec and Spinach tests have been run locally and all pass.

See merge request !405
parents d735321e 41551791
......@@ -95,11 +95,11 @@ class MergeRequest < ActiveRecord::Base
event :mark_as_mergeable do
transition unchecked: :can_be_merged
transition [:unchecked, :cannot_be_merged] => :can_be_merged
event :mark_as_unmergeable do
transition unchecked: :cannot_be_merged
transition [:unchecked, :can_be_merged] => :cannot_be_merged
state :unchecked
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