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Mention the cause of missing translations in the docs

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......@@ -127,6 +127,14 @@ New translations will be added with their default content and will be marked
fuzzy. To use the translation, look for the `#, fuzzy` mention in `gitlab.edit.po`
and remove it.
We need to make sure we remove the `fuzzy` translations before generating the
`locale/**/gitlab.po` file. When they aren't removed, the resulting `.po` will
be treated as a binary file which could overwrite translations that were merged
before the new translations.
When we are just preparing a page to be translated, but not actually adding any
translations. There's no need to generate `.po` files.
Translations that aren't used in the source code anymore will be marked with
`~#`; these can be removed to keep our translation files clutter-free.
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