Commit 2b8fc138 authored by Dmytro Zaporozhets's avatar Dmytro Zaporozhets

Merge branch 'edit-last-comment' into 'master'

Scroll to the last comment I made and edit it.

Pressing up in an empty comment box will edit your last comment. 

Also now when you click edit on a comment it will put the cursor at the end.



See merge request !3757
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......@@ -75,6 +75,9 @@ class @Notes
# when issue status changes, we need to refresh data
$(document).on "issuable:change", @refresh
# when a key is clicked on the notes
$(document).on "keydown", ".js-note-text", @keydownNoteText
cleanBinding: ->
$(document).off "ajax:success", ".js-main-target-form"
$(document).off "ajax:success", ".js-discussion-note-form"
......@@ -92,10 +95,19 @@ class @Notes
$(document).off "click", ".js-note-target-reopen"
$(document).off "click", ".js-note-target-close"
$(document).off "click", ".js-note-discard"
$(document).off "keydown", ".js-note-text"
$('.note .js-task-list-container').taskList('disable')
$(document).off 'tasklist:changed', '.note .js-task-list-container'
keydownNoteText: (e) ->
$this = $(this)
if $this.val() is '' and e.which is 38 #aka the up key
myLastNote = $("li.note[data-author-id='#{gon.current_user_id}'][data-editable]:last")
if myLastNote.length
myLastNoteEditBtn = myLastNote.find('.js-note-edit')
myLastNoteEditBtn.trigger('click', [true, myLastNote])
initRefresh: ->
Notes.interval = setInterval =>
......@@ -343,7 +355,7 @@ class @Notes
Adds a hidden div with the original content of the note to fill the edit note form with
if the user cancels
showEditForm: (e) ->
showEditForm: (e, scrollTo, myLastNote) ->
note = $(this).closest(".note")
note.addClass "is-editting"
......@@ -354,9 +366,27 @@ class @Notes
# Show the attachment delete link
new GLForm form
done = ($noteText) ->
# Neat little trick to put the cursor at the end
noteTextVal = $noteText.val()
new GLForm form
if scrollTo? and myLastNote?
# scroll to the bottom
# so the open of the last element doesn't make a jump
$('html, body').scrollTop($(document).height());
$('html, body').animate({
scrollTop: myLastNote.offset().top - 150
}, 500, ->
$noteText = form.find(".js-note-text")
$noteText = form.find('.js-note-text')
Called in response to clicking the edit note link
%li.timeline-entry{ id: dom_id(note), class: [dom_class(note), "note-row-#{}", ('system-note' if note.system)] }
- note_editable = note_editable?(note)
%li.timeline-entry{ id: dom_id(note), class: [dom_class(note), "note-row-#{}", ('system-note' if note.system)], data: {author_id:, editable: note_editable} }
%a{href: user_path(}
......@@ -15,16 +16,16 @@
- if access
= access
- if note_editable?(note)
- if note_editable
= link_to '#', title: 'Edit comment', class: 'note-action-button js-note-edit' do
= icon('pencil')
= link_to namespace_project_note_path(note.project.namespace, note.project, note), title: 'Remove comment', method: :delete, data: { confirm: 'Are you sure you want to remove this comment?' }, remote: true, class: 'note-action-button js-note-delete danger' do
= icon('trash-o')
.note-body{class: note_editable?(note) ? 'js-task-list-container' : ''}
.note-body{class: note_editable ? 'js-task-list-container' : ''}
= preserve do
= markdown(note.note, pipeline: :note, cache_key: [note, "note"])
- if note_editable?(note)
- if note_editable
= render 'projects/notes/edit_form', note: note
= edited_time_ago_with_tooltip(note, placement: 'bottom', html_class: 'note_edited_ago', include_author: true)
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