Commit 2b12520d authored by Tim Zallmann's avatar Tim Zallmann Committed by Phil Hughes

Updated Profile Events Helper to use SVG Sprite Icons

parent 88959e87
module EventsHelper
'pushed to' => 'icon_commit',
'pushed new' => 'icon_commit',
'created' => 'icon_status_open',
'opened' => 'icon_status_open',
'closed' => 'icon_status_closed',
'accepted' => 'icon_code_fork',
'commented on' => 'icon_comment_o',
'deleted' => 'icon_trash_o'
'pushed to' => 'commit',
'pushed new' => 'commit',
'created' => 'status_open',
'opened' => 'status_open',
'closed' => 'status_closed',
'accepted' => 'fork',
'commented on' => 'comment',
'deleted' => 'remove',
'imported' => 'import',
'joined' => 'users'
def link_to_author(event, self_added: false)
......@@ -197,7 +199,7 @@ module EventsHelper
def icon_for_event(note)
icon_name = ICON_NAMES_BY_EVENT_TYPE[note]
custom_icon(icon_name) if icon_name
sprite_icon(icon_name) if icon_name
def icon_for_profile_event(event)
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