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If a user is a GitLab administrator they receive all permissions.
To add or import a user or member, you can follow the [Project users and members
## Project
| Action | Guest | Reporter | Developer | Master | Owner |
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- [Notification emails](
- [Project Features](
- [Project forking workflow](
- [Project users and members](add-user/
- [Protected branches](
- [Web Editor](
- ["Work In Progress" Merge Requests](
# Project Users and Members
You can add or import members to your projects. You can also give them different access
You should have 'master' or 'owner' permissions to add or import a new member to your
To add or import a new member, go to your project and click on "Members" on the left side
of your screen:
Select "Add members" or "Import members" on the right side of your screen:
![Add or Import](images/add-members.png)
If you are adding a member, select the user and the [permission level](doc/permissions/ that you'd like to
give the member:
![Add or Import](images/new-member.png)
If you are importing a member, follow the steps to select the project where you'd like to import the user from.
![Add or Import](images/select-project.png)
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