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Add instructions for upgrading from CE to EE using GitLab Omnibus chart - docs

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......@@ -155,6 +155,22 @@ should we done using `helm upgrade`:
helm upgrade -f values.yaml gitlab gitlab/gitlab-omnibus
## Upgrading from CE to EE using the Helm Chart
If you have installed the Community Edition using this chart, upgrading to Enterprise Edition is easy.
If you are using a `values.yaml` file to specify the configuration options, edit the file and set `gitlab=ee`. If you would like to run a specific version of GitLab EE, set `gitlabEEImage` to be the desired GitLab [docker image]( Then you can use `helm upgrade` to update your GitLab instance to EE:
helm upgrade -f values.yaml gitlab gitlab/gitlab-omnibus
You can also upgrade and specify these options via the command line:
helm upgrade gitlab --set gitlab=ee,gitlabEEImage=gitlab/gitlab-ee:9.5.5-ee.0 gitlab/gitlab-omnibus
## Uninstalling GitLab using the Helm Chart
To uninstall the GitLab Chart, run the following:
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