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    Replace Rugments with Rouge · f736721c
    Stefan Tatschner authored and Stefan Tatschner's avatar Stefan Tatschner committed
    I have mainly created the rugments fork for the purpose of improving
    gitlab's highlighting. Nowadays IMO it works way better than the old
    highlight.js solution. But the development is stuck on my side because
    of a couple of personal reasons:
      * I have finished my studies; last months I was writing my master
        thesis. So there was a huge time problem. I am sorry for that.
      * I had to move to Munich due to getting a (paid) job. Searching a
        flat here is horrible... :)
      * Last but not least, maintaining the same code base in two seperate
        projects is a mess.
    I have decided to switch back to rouge due to several reasons:
      * In the beginning I was quite motivated, but since I start
        working on my new job next week, the best solution IMO is
        switching back to upstream rouge.
      * Rouge is continously improving:
      * There should be absolutely no regressions with this change. Most
        likely this pull request will almost fix some minor bugs.
      * One less gem in gitlab is a good thing. since Gitlab is quite a
        huge bundle of gems. Reducing complexity should be a major
    Thanks a lot to @stanhu and @jneen for the review!
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