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Adding detailed documentation of the markdown syntax.

This includes standard markdown as well as GitLab extended markdown as well as references to documents used.
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%h3.page_title GitLab Flavored Markdown
For GitLab we developed something we call "GitLab Flavored Markdown" (GFM).
It extends the standard Markdown in a few significant ways adds some useful functionality.
%p You can use GFM in:
%li commit messages
%li comments
%li wall posts
%li issues
%li merge requests
%li milestones
%li wiki pages
If you're not already familiar with Markdown, you should spend 15 minutes and go over the excellent
%strong= link_to "Markdown Syntax Guide", ""
at Daring Fireball.
%h3 Differences from traditional Markdown
%h4 Newlines
The biggest difference that GFM introduces is in the handling of linebreaks.
With traditional Markdown you can hard wrap paragraphs of text and they will be combined into a single paragraph. We find this to be the cause of a huge number of unintentional formatting errors.
GFM treats newlines in paragraph-like content as real line breaks, which is probably what you intended.
%p The next paragraph contains two phrases separated by a single newline character:
%pre= "Roses are red\nViolets are blue"
%p becomes
= markdown "Roses are red\nViolets are blue"
%h4 Multiple underscores in words
It is not reasonable to italicize just <em>part</em> of a word, especially when you're dealing with code and names often appear with multiple underscores.
Therefore, GFM ignores multiple underscores in words.
%pre= "perform_complicated_task\ndo_this_and_do_that_and_another_thing"
%p becomes
= markdown "perform_complicated_task\ndo_this_and_do_that_and_another_thing"
%h4 URL autolinking
GFM will autolink standard URLs you copy and paste into your text.
So if you want to link to a URL (instead of a textual link), you can simply put the URL in verbatim and it will be turned into a link to that URL.
%h4 Fenced code blocks
Markdown converts text with four spaces at the front of each line to code blocks.
GFM supports that, but we also support fenced blocks.
Just wrap your code blocks in <code>```</code> and you won't need to indent manually to trigger a code block.
%pre= %Q{```ruby\nrequire 'redcarpet'\nmarkdown ="Hello World!")\nputs markdown.to_html\n```}
%p becomes
= markdown %Q{```ruby\nrequire 'redcarpet'\nmarkdown ="Hello World!")\nputs markdown.to_html\n```}
%h4 Emoji
puts markdown %Q{Sometimes you want to be :cool: and add some :sparkles: to your :speech_balloon:. Well we have a :gift: for you:
:exclamation: You can use emoji anywhere GFM is supported. :sunglasses:
You can use it to point out a :bug: or warn about :monkey:patches. And if someone improves your really :snail: code, send them a :bouquet: or some :candy:. People will :heart: you for that.
If you are :new: to this, don't be :fearful:. You can easily join the emoji :circus_tent:. All you need to do is to :book: up on the supported codes.
Consult the
%strong= link_to "Emoji Cheat Sheet", ""
for a list of all supported emoji codes.
%h4 Special GitLab references
GFM recognizes special references.
You can easily reference e.g. a team member, an issue or a commit within a project.
GFM will turn that reference into a link so you can navigate between them easily.
%p GFM will recognize the following references:
%code @foo
for team members
%code #123
for issues
%code !123
for merge request
%code $123
for snippets
%code 1234567
for commits
-# this example will only be shown if the user has a project with at least one issue
- if @project = current_user.authorized_projects.first
- if issue = @project.issues.first
%p For example in your #{link_to, project_path(@project)} project, writing:
%pre= "This is related to ##{}. @#{current_user.username} is working on solving it."
%p becomes:
= markdown "This is related to ##{}. @#{current_user.username} is working on solving it."
- @project = nil # Prevent this from bubbling up to page title
= preserve do
= markdown"doc", "markdown", ""))
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