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gem install nokogiri
## `gem install gpgme` `2.0.x` fails to compile native extension on macOS Mojave
If building `gpgme` gem fails with an `Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64` error on macOS Mojave, build `gpgme` using system libraries instead.
1. Ensure necessary dependencies are installed:
brew install gpgme
1. (optional) Try building the `gpgme` gem manually to ensure it compiles. If it fails, debug the failure with the error messages. To compile the `gpgme` gem manually run:
gem install gpgme -- --use-system-libraries
1. Configure Bundler to use system libraries for the `gpgme` gem:
bundle config build.gpgme --use-system-libraries
You can now run `gdk install` or `bundle` again.
## Delete non-existent migrations from the database
If for some reason you end up having database migrations that no longer exist
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