Commit 35d87eb4 authored by Paul Morelle's avatar Paul Morelle

Fix gitaly config when root is under /home/git

When ${gitlab_development_root} is a path to a folder under '/home/git',
the last part of the sed call replaced '/home/git' twice.

E.g. gitlab_development_root='/home/git/gitlab-dev-kit' results in
socket_path='/home/git/gitlab-dev-kit/gitlab-dev-kit/gitaly.socket', which
does not exist.

Note that it is the first command of all other similar sed commands in
the Makefile.
parent 6c46a9c2
......@@ -163,12 +163,12 @@ ${gitaly_proto_clone_dir}/.git:
sed \
-e "s|/home/git|${gitlab_development_root}|" \
-e "s|^socket_path.*|socket_path = \"${gitlab_development_root}/gitaly.socket\"|" \
-e "s|^bin_dir.*|bin_dir = \"${gitlab_development_root}/gitaly/bin\"|" \
-e "s|# prometheus_listen_addr|prometheus_listen_addr|" \
-e "s|# \[logging\]|\[logging\]|" \
-e "s|# level = \"warn\"|level = \"warn\"|" \
-e "s|/home/git|${gitlab_development_root}|" ${gitaly_clone_dir}/config.toml.example > $@
-e "s|# level = \"warn\"|level = \"warn\"|" ${gitaly_clone_dir}/config.toml.example > $@
if [ "$(uname -s)" = "Linux" ]; then \
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