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GitLab Design Kit

Contains all resources and information UX Designers need.

Issue for GitLab Design Kit README Discussion



Please put all exported folders in the hosted directory. That way you can shuffle the rest of your repository around without breaking links!

  • Automatic Sketch previews based on a pre-commit hook

The pre-commit hook will auto generate preview images out of your Sketch pages with sketchtool

  • Semi automatic Sketch spec previews with Continuous Integration

Whenever you create a spec preview folder with the Sketch Measure Plugin, append spec-previews to the name of the generated directory and it will be visible by an URL. Search in

  • Automatic live Framer prototypes with Continuous Integration

Whenever you save a Framer prototype in this repository and commit push it to GitLab, it will automatically be hosted in the same way as the spec previews superpower. See them live at

  • Standalone Live Html Previews

*By using the wget command: wget -kN --html-extension URL or wget -E -p -k URL you can create a standalone working HTML page of the GitLab view you want. Just change the name of the file to index.html and append html-previews to the name of the directory it will be inside of. Good luck! (No guarantees with this one!)

  • Sketch Diffs

Add the following to your .git/config file to see if you are having merge conflicts with a shared .sketch design file

[diff "sketchtool"]
  textconv = "sketchtool dump"
  cachetextconv = true
  binary = true

Activating them!

  1. Have a Mac with Sketch installed in the /Applications folder
  2. Copy the pre-commit file into your .git/hooks/ folder
  3. Install Sketch Toolbox
  4. Install Sketch Measure Plugin with the Sketch Toolbox
  5. Read on :)

Repository Organization

  • archive/
    • oldfiles/
  • production/
    • _assets/
      • images/
        • img1.jpg
      • svg/
        • icn1.svg
    • projects/
      • project.sketch
  • progress/
    • community-contribution/
      • @gitlabusername/
        • projects/
        • project.sketch
    • GitLab-designername/
      • projects/
        • project.sketch

Issue for Repository Organization Discussion

Commit Workflow (includes Community Contribution!)

As design files are mostly binary files, merge conflicts can easily get stuck in conflicts. We will do the file merging manually instead of git.

GitLab Designer Personal Folders

  1. In the progress directory, create your own folder
  2. In your own folder, create a subfolder for each issue/project you are working on
  3. Commit & Push changes

Community Contribution ๐Ÿ“

Every designer can contribute to GitLab. For GitLab community members we have a special folder in the progress directory where you can create and commit your own designs. So you have a consistent backup, which can also be used by other designers to iterate upon! Follow the following steps to contribute.

  1. Fork this repository and git clone it locally.
  2. Create a new branch based off from the master with git checkout -b branchname
  3. In the community-contribution directory, create your own folder based on your GitLab username following the example.
  4. In your own folder, create a subfolder for each issue/project you are working on.
  5. Review the files you are about to commit (with git status -sb), as only files in your folder are allowed to be added or changed!! If you have a hard time with this read through our small section on Git
  6. Commit and push your changes. Prefix your good commit message with the project path and issue ID (e.g. gitlab-ce#1337 Commit message). This creates a commit note in the issue, making it easy for other people to contribute and fork the design (especially important if someone is out-of-office).
  7. Create a merge request and mention any designer who manages this project.

Production Folders

  1. Lock file
  2. Pull changes
  3. Add our changes to the file
  4. Commit & Push changes
  5. Unlock file

Naming Convention

TODO: We should write a pre-commit hook that checks for this naming convention, both in and outside sketch.


  • Readability above truncation, so: background instead of bg
  • lowercase everywhere
  • separate words with hyphens, no-spaces-everywhere_

Files & Folders

  • for each issue create subfolders for issues

Layers & Groups (inside Sketch)


  • navigation-1__project

  • if you need to add the modifier, you can: navigation-1__project--issues

Issue for Layer/Group Naming Convention Discussion

Sketch Management

  • Please try to use the Symbol Resizing feature, when creating symbols
  • Add hidden full red (#FF0000) blocks, for important paddings and margins.


All designs mockups and details are delivered in the issue that describes the feature/problem/etc. So there is one place to look for everything related to it.

Designer & Developer Communication

Designers and developers often have different priorities, even though everyone is working toward one common goal: a fantastic, delightful, functional product. At Google, we're always working on ways to bridge this gap through unified spec formats and tools, so that intricate details are never lost in translation and things get done the way they're intended the first time - Designer & Developer Communication Google IO 2016

Spec previews can be generated with the one of the SUPERPOWERS!

When additional detail is needed, developers will ask for this. Take inspiration out of the link above if needed.

Oh My Git

Git is hard: screwing up is easy, and figuring out how to fix your mistakes is sometimes almost impossible. Here are some links and tips to help you along!

Git Tips

Delete your changes on a file and make it as if you never touched it! (before commited anything)

  • git checkout FILEPATH/FILE

If you did already 1 commit, but want to uncommit those changes

  • git reset HEAD^

Git Links

Project maintainers


The archive directory contains all old design files and resources, including those made with Antetype.

Old Antetype design files can still be valuable, if so see: Converting antetype files for use with sketch


Ongoing discussions

Design goals

  • Get the user started with all already existing materials
  • Try to kickstart design work while avoiding time lost on creating the duplicate content
  • Let designers contribute in a stable and consistent manner


The GitLab Design Kit is distributed under the MIT license, see the LICENSE file.