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The canonical repository for `.gitlab-ci.yml` templates is
## Contributing
Thank you for your interest in contributing to this GitLab project! We welcome
all contributions. By participating in this project, you agree to abide by the
[code of conduct](#code-of-conduct).
## Contributor license agreement
By submitting code as an individual you agree to the [individual contributor
license agreement][individual-agreement].
By submitting code as an entity you agree to the [corporate contributor license
## Code of conduct
As contributors and maintainers of this project, we pledge to respect all people
who contribute through reporting issues, posting feature requests, updating
documentation, submitting pull requests or patches, and other activities.
We are committed to making participation in this project a harassment-free
experience for everyone, regardless of level of experience, gender, gender
identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, personal appearance,
body size, race, ethnicity, age, or religion.
Examples of unacceptable behavior by participants include the use of sexual
language or imagery, derogatory comments or personal attacks, trolling, public
or private harassment, insults, or other unprofessional conduct.
Project maintainers have the right and responsibility to remove, edit, or reject
comments, commits, code, wiki edits, issues, and other contributions that are
not aligned to this Code of Conduct. Project maintainers who do not follow the
Code of Conduct may be removed from the project team.
This code of conduct applies both within project spaces and in public spaces
when an individual is representing the project or its community.
Instances of abusive, harassing, or otherwise unacceptable behavior can be
reported by emailing
This Code of Conduct is adapted from the [Contributor Covenant][contributor-covenant], version 1.1.0,
available at [](
GitLab only mirrors the templates. Please submit your merge requests to
......@@ -25,29 +25,4 @@ The Pages folder holds `gitlab-ci.yml` templates to be used with [GitLab Pages][
## Contributing guidelines
We’d love you to help us improve this project. To help us keep this collection
high quality, we request that contributions adhere to the following guidelines.
- **Provide a link to the application or project’s homepage**. Unless it’s
extremely popular, there’s a chance the maintainers don’t know about or use
the language or framework.
- **Provide links to documentation** supporting the change you’re making. If it's
possible to provide a link to a successful pipeline on, please
provide this.
- **Explain why you’re making a change**. Even if it seems self-evident, please
take a sentence or two to tell us why your change or addition should happen.
It’s especially helpful to articulate why this change applies to *everyone*
who works with the applicable technology, rather than just you or your team.
- **Please only modify *one template* per merge request**. This helps keep merge
requests and feedback focused on a specific project or technology.
In general, the more you can do to help us understand the change you’re making,
the more likely we’ll be to accept your contribution quickly.
Please also understand that we can’t list every tool that ever existed.
Our aim is to curate a collection of the *most common and helpful* templates,
not to make sure we cover every project possible. If we choose not to
include your language, or framework, it’s not because it’s not awesome.
Please see the [contribution guidelines](
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