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# A collection of `.gitlab-ci.yml` templates
[![build status](]( [![coverage report](](
# This project has been deprecated
This is GitLabs collection of [`.gitlab-ci.yml`][ci-docs] file templates, to be used
in conjunction with [GitLab CI][gl-ci].
This list is used to populate the `.gitlab-ci.yml` template choosers available
on all GitLab instances running 8.9 or later.
For more information about how `.gitlab-ci.yml` files work, and how to use them,
please read the [documentation on GitLab CI][ci-docs]. Please keep in mind that
these templates might need editing to suit your setup, and should be considered
## Folder structure
The files in the root directory are for `.gitlab-ci.yml` templates that are
project specific, such as language or framework specific templates.
The Pages folder holds `gitlab-ci.yml` templates to be used with [GitLab Pages][gl-pages].
## Contributing guidelines
Please see the [contribution guidelines](
The templates will now [live in
Please make all merge requests to that repo instead. See for more information.
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