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v 9.0.0

  • Change dependency from to" !301
  • Update docker-machine version to fix coreos provision !500
  • Cleanup windows install docs !497
  • Replace io.Copy with stdcopy.StdCopy for docker output handling !503
  • Fixes typo: current to concurrent. !508
  • Modifies autoscale algorithm example !509
  • Force-terminate VirtualBox and Parallels VMs so snapshot restore works properly !313
  • Fix indentation of 'image_pull_secrets' in kubernetes configuration example !512
  • Show Docker image ID in job's log !507
  • Fix word consistency in autoscaling docs !519
  • Rename the binary on download to use gitlab-runner as command !510
  • Improve details around limits !502
  • Switch from CI API v1 to API v4 !517
  • Make it easier to run tests locally !506
  • Kubernetes private credentials !520
  • Limit number of concurrent requests to builds/register.json !518
  • Remove deprecated kubernetes executor configuration fields !521
  • Drop Kubernetes executor 'experimental' notice !525

v 1.11.1

  • Update docker-machine version to fix coreos provision !500

v 1.11.0

  • Fix S3 and packagecloud uploads step in release process !455
  • Add ubuntu/yakkety to packages generation list !458
  • Reduce size of gitlab-runner-helper images !456
  • Fix crash on machine creation !461
  • Rename 'Build (succeeded|failed)' to 'Job (succeeded|failed)' !459
  • Fix race in helpers/prometheus/log_hook.go: Fire() method !463
  • Fix missing VERSION on Mac build !465
  • Added post_build_script to call scripts after user-defined build scripts !460
  • Fix offense reported by vet. Add vet to 'code style' job. !477
  • Add the runner name to the first line of log output, after the version !473
  • Make CI_DEBUG_TRACE working on Windows CMD !483
  • Update packages targets !485
  • Update Makefile (fix permissions on /usr/share/gitlab-runner/) !487
  • Add timezone support for OffPeak intervals !479
  • Set GIT_SUBMODULE_STRATEGY=SubmoduleNone when GIT_STRATEGY=GitNone !480
  • Update maintainers information !489

v 1.10.7

  • Update docker-machine version to fix coreos provision !500

v 1.10.6

  • Update Makefile (fix permissions on /usr/share/gitlab-runner/) !487

v 1.10.5

  • Update packages targets !485

v 1.10.4

  • Fix race in helpers/prometheus/log_hook.go: Fire() method !463

v 1.10.3

  • Fix crash on machine creation !461

v 1.10.2

  • Add ubuntu/yakkety to packages generation list !458
  • Reduce size of gitlab-runner-helper images !456

v 1.10.1

  • Fix S3 and packagecloud uploads step in release process !455

v 1.10.0

  • Make /usr/share/gitlab-runner/clear-docker-cache script /bin/sh compatible !427
  • Handle Content-Type header with charset information !430
  • Don't raise error if machines directory is missing on machines listing !433
  • Change digital ocean autoscale to use stable coreos channel !434
  • Fix package's scripts permissions !440
  • Use -q flag instead of --format. !442
  • Kubernetes termination grace period !383
  • Check if directory exists before recreating it with Windows CMD !435
  • Add '--run-tagged-only' cli option for runners !438
  • Add armv6l to the ARM replacements list for docker executor helper image !446
  • Add configuration options for Kubernetss resource requests !391
  • Add poll interval and timeout parameters for Kubernetes executor !384
  • Add support for GIT_SUBMODULE_STRATEGY !443
  • Create index file for S3 downloads !452
  • Add Prometheus metric that counts number of catched errors !439
  • Exclude unused options from AbstractExecutor.Build.Options !445
  • Update Docker Machine in official Runner images to v0.9.0 !454
  • Pass ImagePullSecrets for Kubernetes executor !449
  • Add Namespace overwrite possibility for Kubernetes executor !444

v 1.9.9

  • Update docker-machine version to fix coreos provision !500

v 1.9.8

  • Update Makefile (fix permissions on /usr/share/gitlab-runner/) !487

v 1.9.7

  • Update packages targets !485

v 1.9.6

  • Add ubuntu/yakkety to packages generation list !458

v 1.9.5

  • Update Docker Machine in official Runner images to v0.9.0 !454

v 1.9.4

  • Add armv6l to the ARM replacements list for docker executor helper image !446

v 1.9.3

  • Fix package's scripts permissions !440
  • Check if directory exists before recreating it with Windows CMD !435

v 1.9.2

  • Handle Content-Type header with charset information !430
  • Don't raise error if machines directory is missing on machines listing !433

v 1.9.1

  • Make /usr/share/gitlab-runner/clear-docker-cache script /bin/sh compatible !427

v 1.9.0

  • Add pprof HTTP endpoints to metrics server !398
  • Add a multiple prometheus metrics: !401
  • Split prepare stage to be: prepare, git_clone, restore_cache, download_artifacts !406
  • Update to refer to go 1.7.1 !409
  • Introduce docker.Client timeouts !411
  • Allow network-sourced variables to specify that they should be files !413
  • Add a retry mechanism to prevent failed clones in builds !399
  • Remove shallow.lock before fetching !407
  • Colorize log entries for cmd and powershell !400
  • Add section describing docker usage do Kubernetes executor docs !394
  • FreeBSD runner installation docs update !387
  • Update prompts for register command !377
  • Add volume_driver Docker configuration file option !365
  • Fix bug permission denied on ci build with external cache !347
  • Fix entrypoint for alpine image !346
  • Add windows vm checklist for virtualbox documentation !348
  • Clarification around authentication with the Kubernetes executor !296
  • Fix docker hanging for docker-engine 1.12.4 !415
  • Use lib machine to fetch a list of docker-machines !418
  • Cleanup docker cache clear script !388
  • Allow the --limit option to control the number of jobs a single runner will run !369
  • Store and send last_update value with API calls against GitLab !410
  • Add graceful shutdown documentation !421
  • Add Kubernete Node Selector !328
  • Push prebuilt images to dockerhub !420
  • Add path and share cache settings for S3 cache !423
  • Remove unnecessary warning about using image with the same ID as provided !424
  • Add a link where one can download the packages directly !292
  • Kubernetes executor - use pre-build container !425

v 1.8.8

  • Update Makefile (fix permissions on /usr/share/gitlab-runner/) !487

v 1.8.7

  • Update packages targets !485

v 1.8.6

  • Add ubuntu/yakkety to packages generation list !458

v 1.8.5

  • Update Docker Machine in official Runner images to v0.9.0 !454

v 1.8.4

  • Add armv6l to the ARM replacements list for docker executor helper image !446

v 1.8.3

  • Fix package's scripts permissions !440
  • Check if directory exists before recreating it with Windows CMD !435

v 1.8.2

  • Handle Content-Type header with charset information !430

v 1.8.1

  • Rrefactor the private container registry docs !392
  • Make pull policies usage clear !393

v 1.8.0

  • Fix {Bash,Cmd,Ps}Writer.IfCmd to escape its arguments !364
  • Fix path to runners-ssh page !368
  • Add initial Prometheus metrics server to runner manager !358
  • Add a global for docs !371
  • Ensure that all builds are executed on tagged runners !374
  • Fix broken documentation links !382
  • Bug Fix: use a regex to pull out the service and version in the splitServiceAndVersion method !376
  • Add FAQ entry about handling the service logon failure on Windows !385
  • Fix "unit tests" random failures !370
  • Use correct constant for kubernetes ressource limits. !367
  • Unplug stalled endpoints !390
  • Add PullPolicy config option for kubernetes !335
  • Handle received 'failed' build state while patching the trace !366
  • Add support for using private docker registries !386

v 1.7.5

  • Update Docker Machine in official Runner images to v0.9.0 !454

v 1.7.4

  • Add armv6l to the ARM replacements list for docker executor helper image !446

v 1.7.3

  • Fix package's scripts permissions !440
  • Check if directory exists before recreating it with Windows CMD !435

v 1.7.2

  • Handle Content-Type header with charset information !430

v 1.7.1

  • Fix {Bash,Cmd,Ps}Writer.IfCmd to escape its arguments !364

v 1.7.0

  • Improve description of --s3-bucket-location option !325
  • Use Go 1.7 !323
  • Add changelog entries generation script !322
  • Add docker_images release step to CI pipeline !333
  • Refactor shell executor tests !334
  • Introduce GIT_STRATEGY=none !332
  • Introduce a variable to enable shell tracing on bash, cmd.exe and powershell.exe !339
  • Try to load the InCluster config first, if that fails load kubectl config !327
  • Squash the "No TLS connection state" warning !343
  • Add a benchmark for helpers.ShellEscape and optimise it !351
  • Godep: update to v0.10.0 !344
  • Use git clone --no-checkout and git checkout --force !341
  • Change machine.machineDetails to machine.Details !353
  • Make runner name lowercase to work with GCE restrictions !297
  • Add per job before_script handling for exec command !355
  • Add OffPeak support for autoscaling !345
  • Prevent caching failures from marking a build as failed !359
  • Add missed "server" command for minio in autoscaled S3 cache tutorial !361
  • Add a section for Godep in !302
  • Add a link to all install documentation files describing how to obtain a registration token !362
  • Improve registration behavior !356
  • Add the release process description !176
  • Fix documentation typo in docs/configuration/ !354
  • Fix data races around runner health and build stats !352

v 1.6.1

  • Add changelog entries generation script !322
  • Add docker_images release step to CI pipeline !333

v 1.6.0

  • Remove an unused method from the Docker executor !280
  • Add note about certificate concatenation !278
  • Restore 755 mode for gitlab-runner-service script !283
  • Remove git-lfs from docker helper images !288
  • Improve Kubernetes support !277
  • docs: update troubleshooting section in development. !286
  • Windows installation, added a precision on the install command (issue related #1265) !223
  • Autodetect "/ci" in URL !289
  • Defer removing failed containers until Cleanup() !281
  • fix typo in !294
  • Improve CI tests !276
  • Generate a BuildError when Docker/Kubernetes image is missing !295
  • cmd.exe: Caret-escape parentheses when not inside double quotes !284
  • Fixed some spelling/grammar mistakes. !291
  • Update Go instructions in README !175
  • Add APT pinning configuration for debian in installation docs !303
  • Remove yaml v1 !307
  • Add options to runner configuration to specify commands executed before code clone and build !106
  • Add RC tag support and fix version discovering !312
  • Pass all configured CA certificates to builds !299
  • Use git-init templates (clone) and git config without --global (fetch) to disable recurseSubmodules !314
  • Improve docker machine logging !234
  • Add posibility to specify a list of volumes to inherit from another container !236
  • Fix range mismatch handling error while patch tracing !319
  • Add docker+machine and kubernetes executors to "I'm not sure" part of executors !320
  • Remove ./git/index.lock before fetching !316

v 1.5.3

  • Fix Caret-escape parentheses when not inside double quotes for Windows cmd
  • Remove LFS from prebuilt images

v 1.5.2 (no changes)

v 1.5.1

  • Fix file mode of gitlab-runner-service script !283

v 1.5.0

  • Update vendored toml !258
  • Release armel instead arm for Debian packages !264
  • Improve concurrency of docker+machine executor !254
  • Use .xz for prebuilt docker images to reduce binary size and provisioning speed of Docker Engines !249
  • Remove vendored test files !271
  • Update gitlab-runner-service to return 1 when no Host or PORT is defined !253
  • Log caching URL address
  • Retry executor preparation to reduce system failures !244
  • Fix missing entrypoint script in alpine Dockerfile !248
  • Suppress all but the first warning of a given type when extracting a ZIP file !261
  • Mount /builds folder to all services when used with Docker Executor !272
  • Cache docker client instances to avoid a file descriptor leak !260
  • Support bind mount of /builds folder !193

v 1.4.3

  • Fix Caret-escape parentheses when not inside double quotes for Windows cmd
  • Remove LFS from prebuilt images

v 1.4.2

  • Fix abort mechanism when patching trace

v 1.4.1

  • Fix panic while artifacts handling errors

v 1.4.0

  • Add sentry support
  • Add support for cloning VirtualBox VM snapshots as linked clones
  • Add support for security_opt docker configuration parameter in docker executor
  • Add first integration tests for executors
  • Add many logging improvements (add more details to some logs, move some logs to Debug level, refactorize logger etc.)
  • Make final build trace upload be done before cleanup
  • Extend support for caching and artifacts to all executors
  • Improve support for Docker Machine
  • Improve build aborting
  • Refactor common/version
  • Use environment feature in .gitlab-ci.yml to track latest versions for Bleeding Edge and Stable
  • Fix Absolute method for absolute path discovering for bash
  • Fix zombie issues by using dumb-init instead of

v 1.3.5

  • Fix Caret-escape parentheses when not inside double quotes for Windows cmd

v 1.3.4

  • Fix panic while artifacts handling errors

v 1.3.3

  • Fix zombie issue by using dumb-init

v 1.3.2

  • Fix architecture detection bug introduced in 1.3.1

v 1.3.1

  • Detect architecture if not given by Docker Engine (versions before 1.9.0)

v 1.3.0

  • Add incremental build trace update
  • Add posibility to specify CpusetCpus, Dns and DnsSearch for docker containers created by runners
  • Add a custom User-Agent header with version number and runtime information (go version, platform, os)
  • Add artifacts expiration handling
  • Add artifacts handling for failed builds
  • Add customizable check_interval to set how often to check GitLab for a new builds
  • Add docker Machine IP address logging
  • Make Docker Executor ARM compatible
  • Refactor script generation to make it fully on-demand
  • Refactor runnsers Acquire method to improve performance
  • Fix branch name setting at compile time
  • Fix panic when generating log message if provision of node fails
  • Fix docker host logging
  • Prevent leaking of goroutines when aborting builds
  • Restore valid version info in --help message
  • [Experimental] Add GIT_STRATEGY handling - clone/fetch strategy configurable per job
  • [Experimental] Add GIT_DEPTH handling - --depth parameter for git fetch and git clone

v 1.2.0

  • Use Go 1.6
  • Add timeout option for the exec command
  • Add runtime platform information to debug log
  • Add docker-machine binary to Runner's official docker images
  • Add build_current target to Makefile - to build only a binary for used architecture
  • Add support for after_script
  • Extend version information when using --version flag
  • Extend artifacts download/upload logs with more response data
  • Extend unregister command to accept runner name
  • Update shell detection mechanism
  • Update the dependency
  • Replace ANSI_BOLD_YELLOW with ANSI_YELLOW color for logging
  • Reconcile VirtualBox status constants with VBoxManage output values
  • Make checkout quiet
  • Make variables to work at job level in exec mode
  • Remove "user mode" warning when running in a system mode
  • Create gitlab-runner user as a system account
  • Properly create /etc/gitlab-runner/certs in Runner's official docker images
  • Disable recursive submodule fetchin on fetching changes
  • Fix nil casting issue on docker client creation
  • Fix used build platforms for gox
  • Fix a limit problems when trying to remove a non-existing machines
  • Fix S3 caching issues
  • Fix logging messages on artifacts dowloading
  • Fix binary panic while using VirtualBox executor with no vboxmanage binary available

v 1.1.4

  • Create /etc/gitlab-runner/certs
  • Exclude architectures from GOX, rather then including
  • Update mimio-go to a newest version
  • Regression: Implement CancelRequest to fix S3 caching support
  • Fix: Skip removal of machine that doesn't exist (autoscaling)

v 1.1.3

  • Regression: On Linux use sh -s /bin/bash user -c instead of sh user -c. This fixes non-login for user.
  • Regression: Fix user mode warning
  • Fix: vet installation
  • Fix: nil casting issue on docker client creation
  • Fix: docker client download issue

v 1.1.2

  • Regression: revert shell detection mechanism and limit it only to Docker

v 1.1.1

  • Fix: use different shell detection mechanism
  • Regression: support for gitlab-runner exec
  • Regression: support for login/non-login shell for Bash

v 1.1.0

  • Use Go 1.5
  • Change license to MIT
  • Add docker-machine based auto-scaling for docker executor
  • Add support for external cache server
  • Add support for sh, allowing to run builds on images without the bash
  • Add support for passing the artifacts between stages
  • Add docker-pull-policy, it removes the docker-image-ttl
  • Add docker-network-mode
  • Add git to gitlab-runner:alpine
  • Add support for CapAdd, CapDrop and Devices by docker executor
  • Add support for passing the name of artifacts archive (artifacts:name)
  • Add support for running runner as system service on OSX
  • Refactor: The build trace is now implemented by network module
  • Refactor: Remove CGO dependency on Windows
  • Fix: Create alternative aliases for docker services (uses -)
  • Fix: VirtualBox port race condition
  • Fix: Create cache for all builds, including tags
  • Fix: Make the shell executor more verbose when the process cannot be started
  • Fix: Pass gitlab-ci.yml variables to build container created by docker executor
  • Fix: Don't restore cache if not defined in gitlab-ci.yml
  • Fix: Always use json-file when starting docker containers
  • Fix: Error level checking for Windows Batch and PowerShell

v 1.0.4

  • Fix support for Windows PowerShell

v 1.0.3

  • Fix support for Windows Batch
  • Remove git index lock file: this solves problem with git checkout being terminated
  • Hijack docker.Client to use keep-alives and to close extra connections

v 1.0.2

  • Fix bad warning about not found untracked files
  • Don't print error about existing file when restoring the cache
  • When creating ZIP archive always use forward-slashes and don't permit encoding absolute paths
  • Prefer to use path instead of filepath which is platform specific: solves the docker executor on Windows

v 1.0.1

  • Use nice log formatting for command line tools
  • Don't ask for services during registration (we prefer the .gitlab-ci.yml)
  • Create all directories when extracting the file

v 1.0.0

  • Add gitlab-runner exec command to easy running builds
  • Add gitlab-runner status command to easy check the status of the service
  • Add gitlab-runner list command to list all runners from config file
  • Allow to specify ImageTTL for configuration the frequency of docker image re-pulling (see advanced-configuration)
  • Inject TLS certificate chain for git clone in build container, the gitlab-runner SSL certificates are used
  • Remove TLSSkipVerify since this is unsafe option
  • Add go-reaper to make gitlab-runner to act as init 1 process fixing zombie issue when running docker container
  • Create and send artifacts as zip files
  • Add internal commands for creating and extracting archives without the system dependencies
  • Add internal command for uploading artifacts without the system dependencies
  • Use umask in docker build containers to fix running jobs as specific user
  • Fix problem with cache paths never being archived
  • Add support for cache:key
  • Add warnings about using runner in user-mode
  • Push packages to all upcoming distributions (Debian/Ubuntu/Fedora)
  • Rewrite the shell support adding all features to all shells (makes possible to use artifacts and caching on Windows)
  • Complain about missing caching and artifacts on some executors
  • Added VirtualBox executor
  • Embed prebuilt docker build images in runner binary and load them if needed
  • Make possible to cache absolute paths (unsafe on shell executor)

v 0.7.2

  • Adjust umask for build image
  • Use absolute path when executing archive command
  • Fix regression when variables were not passed to service container
  • Fix duplicate files in cache or artifacts archive

v 0.7.1

  • Fix caching support
  • Suppress tar verbose output

v 0.7.0

  • Refactor code structure
  • Refactor bash script adding pre-build and post-build steps
  • Add support for build artifacts
  • Add support for caching build directories
  • Add command to generate archive with cached folders or artifacts
  • Use separate containers to run pre-build (git cloning), build (user scripts) and post-build (uploading artifacts)
  • Expand variables, allowing to use $CI_BUILD_TAG in image names, or in other variables
  • Make shell executor to use absolute path for project dir
  • Be strict about code formatting
  • Move network related code to separate package
  • Automatically load TLS certificates stored in /etc/gitlab-runner/certs/.crt
  • Allow to specify tls-ca-file during registration
  • Allow to disable tls verification during registration

v 0.6.2

  • Fix PowerShell support
  • Make more descriptive pulling message
  • Add version check to Makefile

v 0.6.1

  • Revert: Fix tags handling when using git fetch: fetch all tags and prune the old ones

v 0.6.0

  • Fetch docker auth from ~/.docker/config.json or ~/.dockercfg
  • Added support for NTFSSecurity PowerShell module to address problems with long paths on Windows
  • Make the service startup more readable in case of failure: print a nice warning message
  • Command line interface for register and run-single accepts all possible config parameters now
  • Ask about tags and fix prompt to point to
  • Pin to specific Docker API version
  • Fix docker volume removal issue
  • Add :latest to imageName if missing
  • Pull docker images every minute
  • Added support for SIGQUIT to allow to gracefully finish runner: runner will not accept new jobs, will stop once all current jobs are finished.
  • Implicitly allow images added as services
  • Evaluate script command in subcontext, making it to close stdin (this change since 0.5.x where the separate file was created)
  • Pass container labels to docker
  • Force to use go:1.4 for building packages
  • Fix tags handling when using git fetch: fetch all tags and prune the old ones
  • Remove docker socket from gitlab/gitlab-runner images
  • Pull (update) images and services every minute
  • Ignore options from Coordinator that are null
  • Provide FreeBSD binary
  • Use -ldflags for versioning
  • Update go packages
  • Fix segfault on service checker container
  • WARNING: By default allow to override image and services

v 0.5.5

  • Fix cache_dir handling

v 0.5.4

  • Update go-dockerclient to fix problems with creating docker containers

v 0.5.3

  • Pin to specific Docker API version
  • Fix docker volume removal issue

v 0.5.2

  • Fixed CentOS6 service script
  • Fixed documentation
  • Added development documentation
  • Log service messages always to syslog

v 0.5.1

  • Update link for Docker configuration

v 0.5.0

  • Allow to override image and services for Docker executor from Coordinator
  • Added support for additional options passed from coordinator
  • Added support for receiving and defining allowed images and services from the Coordinator
  • Rename gitlab_ci_multi_runner to gitlab-runner
  • Don't require config file to exist in order to run runner
  • Change where config file is stored: /etc/gitlab-runner/config.toml (*nix, root), ~/.gitlab-runner/config.toml (*nix, user)
  • Create config on service install
  • Require root to control service on Linux
  • Require to specify user when installing service
  • Run service as root, but impersonate as --user when executing shell scripts
  • Migrate config.toml from user directory to /etc/gitlab-runner/
  • Simplify service installation and upgrade
  • Add --provides and --replaces to package builder
  • Powershell: check exit code in writeCommandChecked
  • Added installation tests
  • Add runner alpine-based image
  • Send executor features with RunnerInfo
  • Verbose mode by using echo instead of set -v
  • Colorize bash output
  • Set environment variables from bash script: this fixes problem with su
  • Don't cache Dockerfile VOLUMEs
  • Pass (public) environment variables received from Coordinator to service containers

v 0.4.2

  • Force GC cycle after processing build
  • Use log-level set to info, but also make Checking for builds: nothing being print as debug
  • Fix memory leak - don't track references to builds

v 0.4.1

  • Fixed service reregistration for RedHat systems

v 0.4.0

  • Added CI=true and GITLAB_CI=true to environment variables
  • Added output_limit (in kilobytes) to runner config which allows to enlarge default build log size
  • Added support for custom variables received from CI
  • Added support for SSH identity file
  • Optimize build path to make it shorter, more readable and allowing to fix shebang issue
  • Make the debug log human readable
  • Make default build log limit set to 4096 (4MB)
  • Make default concurrent set to 1
  • Make default limit for runner set to 1 during registration
  • Updated kardianos service to fix OSX service installation
  • Updated logrus to make console output readable on Windows
  • Change default log level to warning
  • Make selection of forward or back slashes dependent by shell not by system
  • Prevent runner to be stealth if we reach the MaxTraceOutputSize
  • Fixed Windows Batch script when builds are located on different drive
  • Fixed Windows runner
  • Fixed installation scripts path
  • Fixed wrong architecture for i386 debian packages
  • Fixed problem allowing commands to consume build script making the build to succeed even if not all commands were executed

v 0.3.4

  • Create path before clone to fix Windows issue
  • Added CI=true and GITLAB_CI=true
  • Fixed wrong architecture for i386 debian packages

v 0.3.3

  • Push package to ubuntu/vivid and ol/6 and ol/7

v 0.3.2

  • Fixed Windows batch script generator

v 0.3.1

  • Remove clean_environment (it was working only for shell scripts)
  • Run bash with --login (fixes missing .profile environment)

v 0.3.0

  • Added repo slug to build path
  • Build path includes repository hostname
  • Support TLS connection with Docker
  • Default concurrent limit is set to number of CPUs
  • Make most of the config options optional
  • Rename setup/delete to register/unregister
  • Checkout as detached HEAD (fixes compatibility with older git versions)
  • Update documentation

v 0.2.0

  • Added delete and verify commands
  • Limit build trace size (1MB currently)
  • Validate build log to contain only valid UTF-8 sequences
  • Store build log in memory
  • Integrate with
  • Make packages for ARM and CentOS 6 and provide beta version
  • Store Docker cache in separate containers
  • Support host-based volumes for Docker executor
  • Don't send build trace if nothing changed
  • Refactor build class

v 0.1.17

  • Fixed high file descriptor usage that could lead to error: too many open files

v 0.1.16

  • Fixed systemd service script

v 0.1.15

  • Fix order of executor commands
  • Fixed service creation options
  • Fixed service installation on OSX

v 0.1.14

  • Use custom kardianos/service with enhanced service scripts
  • Remove all system specific packages and use universal for package manager

v 0.1.13

  • Added abstraction over shells
  • Moved all bash specific stuff to shells/bash.go
  • Select default shell for OS (bash for Unix, batch for Windows)
  • Added Windows Cmd support
  • Added Windows PowerShell support
  • Added the kardianos/service which allows to easily run gitlab-ci-multi-runner as service on different platforms
  • Unregister Parallels VMs which are invalid
  • Delete Parallels VM if it doesn't contain snapshots
  • Fixed concurrency issue when assigning unique names

v 0.1.12

  • Abort all jobs if interrupt or SIGTERM is received
  • Runner now handles HUP and reloads config on-demand
  • Refactored runner setup allowing to non-interactive configuration of all questioned parameters
  • Added CI_PROJECT_DIR environment variable
  • Make golint happy (in most cases)

v 0.1.11

  • Package as .deb and .rpm and push it to (for now)

v 0.1.10

  • Wait for docker service to come up (Loïc Guitaut)
  • Send build log as early as possible

v 0.1.9

  • Fixed problem with resetting ruby environment

v 0.1.8

  • Allow to use prefixed services
  • Allow to run on Heroku
  • Inherit environment variables by default for shell scripts
  • Mute git messages during checkout
  • Remove some unused internal messages from build log

v 0.1.7

  • Fixed git checkout

v 0.1.6

  • Remove Docker containers before starting job

v 0.1.5

  • Added Parallels executor which can use snapshots for fast revert (only OSX supported)
  • Refactored sources

v 0.1.4

  • Remove Job and merge it into Build
  • Introduce simple API server
  • Ask for services during setup

v 0.1.3

  • Optimize setup
  • Optimize multi-runner setup - making it more concurrent
  • Send description instead of hostname during registration
  • Don't ask for tags

v 0.1.2

  • Make it work on Windows

v 0.1.1

  • Added Docker services

v 0.1.0

  • Initial public release