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    Setup Phabricator import · 589b2db0
    Bob Van Landuyt authored
    This sets up all the basics for importing Phabricator tasks into
    GitLab issues.
    To import all tasks from a Phabricator instance into GitLab, we'll
    import all of them into a new project that will have its repository
    The import is hooked into a regular ProjectImport setup, but similar
    to the GitHub parallel importer takes care of all the imports itself.
    In this iteration, we're importing each page of tasks in a separate
    sidekiq job.
    The first thing we do when requesting a new page of tasks is schedule
    the next page to be imported. But to avoid deadlocks, we only allow a
    single job per worker type to run at the same time.
    For now we're only importing basic Issue information, this should be
    extended to richer information.
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