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    Piet Jaspers authored
    So funny story, true story. I tried to run the test locally, but
    didn't make it past setting up Gitaly.
    Here's what I tried:
    First attempt:
    `git clone gitlab-ce`
    `cd gitlab-ce && bundle install`
    `be rspec`
    This didn't work because I was missing the config/database.yml, I
    didn't see a `script/bootstrap` so I looked in the readme which
    redirected me to a webpage which redirected me to the
    Second attempt:
    `gem install gitlab-development-kit`
    cd gitlab-development-kit
    gdk init
    gdk isntall
    This broke somwhere along the way because it couldn't install Gitaly
    because my go version was too low. But it did clone the gitlab repo
    again and this time it did have a config/database.yml.
    So I tried to cd into it and `be rspec
    spec/lib/gitlab/database/migration_helpers_spec.rb` which complained
    about the database not being configured so I:
    - Changed the socket to localhost (in the config/database.yml)
    - `createdb <dev_db>` `createdb test_db`
    - `be rake db:test:prepare`
    Great success, it was doing things! But then failed when it came at
    the Gitaly step.
    Since I only want to change these three lines, at the point I gave up
    and entrusted the pipeline to do its thing.
    What I would have liked:
    - A 'It's a Rails system, I know this' readme/docs (It's in there
      somewhere just couldn't find it)
    - A way to run tests without having to use Gitaly
    - Not having too install all the things for a small fix (I get why'd
      you want this, but to me it's overkill)
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