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    Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into qa-allow-setting-sandbox-group · 4061d291
    Lin Jen-Shin authored
    * upstream/master: (27 commits)
      Set initial password for instance in LDAP QA test
      Backport EE changes to some hashed storage documentation to CE
      Remove allow_n_plus_1 from Git::Repository#branches_filter
      Bumps Gitlab Shell version to 6.0.3
      Make resetting column information overridable in EE
      Added 'clear' button to ci lint editor
      Issues and merge requests in subgroups docs
      Update docs labels CE
      Refactored merge_requests/show path in dispatcher.js
      don't check against a hardcoded user name
      10.5 Update the dependencies license list
      10.5 Update the .gitignore, .gitlab-ci.yml, and Dockerfile templates
      Create update guide for 10.5
      Update 10.5 source install guide
      Add docs for MR link in commit page
      Add groups to OpenID Connect claims
      Replaced $.get with axois.get
      Memoize MergeRequest#rebase_in_progress? to prevent N+1 queries in Gitaly
      [docs] Info rescheduling background migrations
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