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Add a doc on how to migrate from SVN to gitlab.

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# Migrating from SVN to GitLab
SVN stands for Subversion and is a version control system (VCS).
Git is a distributed revision control and source code management (SCM) system.
There are some major differences between the two, for more information consult your favourite search engine.
Git has tools for migrating SVN repositories to git, namely `git svn`. You can read more about this at
[git documentation pages](
Apart from the [official git documentation]( there is also
user created step by step guide for migrating from SVN to GitLab.
[Benjamin New]( wrote [a guide that shows how to do a migration]( Mirrors can be found [here]( and [here](
## Contribute to this guide
We welcome all contributions that would expand this guide with instructions on how to migrate from other version control systems.
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