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Document externally hosted LFS objects

API can be used by project owners to disable LFS object verification
that will block pushes that contain LFS pointers but no the objects.
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......@@ -244,3 +244,20 @@ GitLab checks files to detect LFS pointers on push. If LFS pointers are detected
Verify that LFS in installed locally and consider a manual push with `git lfs push --all`.
If you are storing LFS files outside of GitLab you can disable LFS on the project by settting `lfs_enabled: false` with the [projects api](../../api/
### Hosting LFS objects externally
It is possible to host LFS objects externally by setting a custom LFS url with `git config -f .lfsconfig lfs.url<project>.git/info/lfs`.
Because GitLab verifies the existence of objects referenced by LFS pointers, push will fail when LFS is enabled for the project.
LFS can be disabled for a project by Owners and Masters using the [Project API](../../api/
curl --request PUT \
--url<PROJECT_ID> \
--header 'Private-Token: <YOUR_PRIVATE_TOKEN>' \
--data 'lfs_enabled=false'
Note, `<PROJECT_ID>` can also be substituted with a [namespaced path](../../api/
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