Commit f833726e authored by Robert Speicher's avatar Robert Speicher

Remove `random_markdown_tip` helper

Only usage got removed in !3442
parent 593972ca
Pipeline #1624470 passed with stage
......@@ -116,29 +116,6 @@ module GitlabMarkdownHelper
"End a line with two or more spaces for a line-break, or soft-return",
"Inline code can be denoted by `surrounding it with backticks`",
"Blocks of code can be denoted by three backticks ``` or four leading spaces",
"Emoji can be added by :emoji_name:, for example :thumbsup:",
"Notify other participants using @user_name",
"Notify a specific group using @group_name",
"Notify the entire team using @all",
"Reference an issue using a hash, for example issue #123",
"Reference a merge request using an exclamation point, for example MR !123",
"Italicize words or phrases using *asterisks* or _underscores_",
"Bold words or phrases using **double asterisks** or __double underscores__",
"Strikethrough words or phrases using ~~two tildes~~",
"Make a bulleted list using + pluses, - minuses, or * asterisks",
"Denote blockquotes using > at the beginning of a line",
"Make a horizontal line using three or more hyphens ---, asterisks ***, or underscores ___"
# Returns a random markdown tip for use as a textarea placeholder
def random_markdown_tip
# Return +text+, truncated to +max_chars+ characters, excluding any HTML
......@@ -150,13 +150,6 @@ describe GitlabMarkdownHelper do
describe 'random_markdown_tip' do
it 'returns a random Markdown tip' do
stub_const("#{described_class}::MARKDOWN_TIPS", ['Random tip'])
expect(random_markdown_tip).to eq 'Random tip'
describe '#first_line_in_markdown' do
let(:text) { "@#{user.username}, can you look at this?\nHello world\n"}
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