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......@@ -15,16 +15,9 @@ GitLab [administrators](../ receive all pe
To add or import a user, you can follow the
[project members documentation](../user/project/members/
## Principles
Use this section as guidance for using existing and developing new features.
1. All admin-only features should be within admin area. Outside of the admin area an admin should behave as regular user with highest access role.
2. Guest role for private projects should be equal to no role for public or internal project.
2. Reporter role is created to give user a maximum access to a project or group but without ability to modify source code or any other business critical resources.
3. Developer role should receive as much permissions as possible except those that are either destructive (ex. remove project) or restricted on purpose by higher role.
4. Master or owner roles should not be necessary for a daily workflow. The purpose of those roles is to do initial setup and maintainance.
## Principles behind permissions
See our [product handbook on permissions](
## Project members permissions
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