Commit e2b73513 authored by panxiaoming's avatar panxiaoming

fixed the bug of URIDECODE error

if link to a chinese file name, it will jump to error page;
for example, the chinese file name called "消息文档.md", when after urlencode, it will be "", but after use History.pushState, will jump to a bad decode link. 
parent 7acd0604
......@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@ $ ->
return false
$('#tree-slider .tree-item-file-name a, .breadcrumb li > a').live 'click', (e) ->
History.pushState(null, null, $(@).attr('href'))
History.pushState(null, null, decodeURIComponent($(@).attr('href')))
return false
History.Adapter.bind window, 'statechange', ->
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