Commit d2f2168b authored by Maxim Rydkin's avatar Maxim Rydkin

remove `a pending pipeline` shared example

parent 29db8ab9
......@@ -18,19 +18,15 @@ describe Ci::CreatePipelineService, services: true do, user, params).execute
shared_examples 'a pending pipeline' do
context 'valid params' do
let(:pipeline) { execute_service }
it { expect(pipeline).to be_kind_of(Ci::Pipeline) }
it { expect(pipeline).to be_valid }
it { expect(pipeline).to eq(project.pipelines.last) }
it { expect(pipeline).to have_attributes(user: user) }
it { expect(pipeline).to have_attributes(status: 'pending') }
it { expect(pipeline.builds.first).to be_kind_of(Ci::Build) }
context 'valid params' do
let(:pipeline) { execute_service }
it_behaves_like 'a pending pipeline'
context 'auto-cancel enabled' do
let(:pipeline_on_previous_commit) do
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