Commit c5522c7d authored by Thong Kuah's avatar Thong Kuah 🌏

Fix commands for kubectl >= 1.12

The `--username` and `--password` top level options have been removed.

Fortunately we have a backwards compatible way of setting the
credentials via `kubectl config set-credentials <name>`, and using the
`--user <name>` top level option which is available at least in 1.10
(and possibly farther back).
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......@@ -34,7 +34,14 @@ module QA
@api_url = `kubectl config view --minify -o jsonpath='{.clusters[].cluster.server}'`
@master_auth = JSON.parse(`gcloud container clusters describe #{cluster_name} --zone #{Runtime::Env.gcloud_zone} --format 'json(masterAuth.username, masterAuth.password)'`)
@admin_user = "#{cluster_name}-admin"
master_auth = JSON.parse(`gcloud container clusters describe #{cluster_name} --zone #{Runtime::Env.gcloud_zone} --format 'json(masterAuth.username, masterAuth.password)'`)
shell <<"\n", ' ')
kubectl config set-credentials #{@admin_user}
--username #{master_auth['masterAuth']['username']}
--password #{master_auth['masterAuth']['password']}
if rbac
......@@ -67,7 +74,7 @@ module QA
def create_service_account
shell('kubectl create -f -', stdin_data: service_account)
shell("kubectl --username #{@master_auth['masterAuth']['username']} --password #{@master_auth['masterAuth']['password']} create -f -", stdin_data: service_account_role_binding)
shell("kubectl --user #{@admin_user} create -f -", stdin_data: service_account_role_binding)
def service_account
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