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Documentation for feature flags defaulting to on

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......@@ -151,3 +151,27 @@ most cases this will translate to a feature (with a feature flag) being shipped
in RC1, followed by the feature flag being removed in RC2. This in turn means
the feature will be stable by the time we publish a stable package around the
22nd of the month.
## Undefined feature flags default to "on"
By default, the [`Project#feature_available?`][project-fa],
[`Namespace#feature_available?`][namespace-fa] (EE), and
[`License.feature_available?`][license-fa] (EE) methods will check if the
specified feature is behind a feature flag. Unless the feature is explicitly
disabled or limited to a percentage of users, the feature flag check will
default to `true`.
As an example, if you were to ship the backend half of a feature behind a flag,
you'd want to explicitly disable that flag until the frontend half is also ready
to be shipped. You can do this via ChatOps:
/chatops run feature set some_feature 0
Note that you can do this at any time, even before the merge request using the
flag has been merged!
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