Commit bb9db75f authored by Douwe Maan's avatar Douwe Maan

Merge branch 'fix-any-projects-array' into 'master'

Allow usage of any_projects? with an Array

Closes #3646

See merge request !13559
parents fe09c25d b401b302
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......@@ -234,6 +234,8 @@ module ProjectsHelper
# If no limit is applied we'll just issue a COUNT since the result set could
# be too large to load into memory.
def any_projects?(projects)
return projects.any? if projects.is_a?(Array)
if projects.limit_value
......@@ -432,9 +432,7 @@ describe ProjectsHelper do
describe '#any_projects?' do
before do
let!(:project) { create(:project) }
it 'returns true when projects will be returned' do
expect(helper.any_projects?(Project.all)).to eq(true)
......@@ -444,6 +442,14 @@ describe ProjectsHelper do
expect(helper.any_projects?(Project.none)).to eq(false)
it 'returns true when using a non-empty Array' do
expect(helper.any_projects?([project])).to eq(true)
it 'returns false when using an empty Array' do
expect(helper.any_projects?([])).to eq(false)
it 'only executes a single query when a LIMIT is applied' do
relation = Project.limit(1)
recorder = do
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