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Update documentation to specify correct directory ownership and permissions.

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......@@ -16,12 +16,22 @@ it in the `/etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb` file.
- For manual installations, it is usually located at: `/home/git/repositories` or you can see where
your repositories are located by looking at `config/gitlab.yml` under the `gitlab_shell => repos_path` entry.
New folder needs to have git user ownership and read/write/execute access for git user and its group:
$ mkdir new_group
$ chown git:git new_group
$ chmod 770 new_group
### Copy your bare repositories inside this newly created folder:
$ cp -r /old/git/foo.git/ /home/git/repositories/new_group/
`foo.git` needs to be owned by the git user and git users group.
### Run the command below depending on your type of installation:
#### Omnibus Installation
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