Commit 72bf6a47 authored by Izaak Alpert's avatar Izaak Alpert

Remove file compairson

Change-Id: Id2cae87c8cd383bc6cbcbdecf0f77c161bb82eab
parent 7cad12f7
......@@ -230,14 +230,6 @@ describe API::API do
get api("/projects/#{}/repository/archive", user)
response.status.should == 200
response.content_type.should == 'application/x-gzip'
storage_path = Rails.root.join("tmp", "repositories")
file_path = project.repository.archive_repo(nil, storage_path)
file_path_compare = file_path + 'compare','wb'){|f|f.write(response.body)}
FileUtils.compare_file(file_path, file_path_compare).should be_true
it "should return 404 for invalid sha" do
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