Commit 67c85260 authored by James Edwards-Jones's avatar James Edwards-Jones

Ported max_pages_size in settings API to CE

parent c6dac7da
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......@@ -57,6 +57,7 @@ module API
requires :shared_runners_text, type: String, desc: 'Shared runners text '
optional :max_artifacts_size, type: Integer, desc: "Set the maximum file size each build's artifacts can have"
optional :max_pages_size, type: Integer, desc: 'Maximum size of pages in MB'
optional :container_registry_token_expire_delay, type: Integer, desc: 'Authorization token duration (minutes)'
optional :metrics_enabled, type: Boolean, desc: 'Enable the InfluxDB metrics'
given metrics_enabled: ->(val) { val } do
......@@ -115,7 +116,7 @@ module API
:send_user_confirmation_email, :domain_whitelist, :domain_blacklist_enabled,
:after_sign_up_text, :signin_enabled, :require_two_factor_authentication,
:home_page_url, :after_sign_out_path, :sign_in_text, :help_page_text,
:shared_runners_enabled, :max_artifacts_size, :container_registry_token_expire_delay,
:shared_runners_enabled, :max_artifacts_size, :max_pages_size, :container_registry_token_expire_delay,
:metrics_enabled, :sidekiq_throttling_enabled, :recaptcha_enabled,
:akismet_enabled, :admin_notification_email, :sentry_enabled,
:repository_storage, :repository_checks_enabled, :koding_enabled, :plantuml_enabled,
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