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Improve FF "pick after the 7th" docs

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......@@ -95,6 +95,12 @@ picked into the stable branches) up to the 19th of the month. Such merge
requests should have the ~"feature flag" label assigned, and don't require a
corresponding exception request to be created.
In order to build the final package and present the feature for self-hosted
customers, the feature flag should be removed. This should happen before the
22nd, ideally _at least_ 2 days before. That means MRs with feature
flags being picked at the 19th would have a quite tight schedule, so picking
these _earlier_ is preferable.
While rare, release managers may decide to reject picking a change into a stable
branch, even when feature flags are used. This might be necessary if the changes
are deemed problematic, too invasive, or there simply isn't enough time to
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