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You can download the raw content of a snippet.
By default snippets will be downloaded with Linux-style line endings (`LF`). If you want to preserve the original line endings you need to add a parameter `line_ending=raw` (eg. ``). In case a snippet was created using the GitLab web interface the original line ending is Windows-like (`CRLF`).
## Embedded Snippets
> Introduced in GitLab 10.8.
Public snippets can not only be shared, but also embedded on any website. This
allows to reuse a GitLab snippet in multiple places and any change to the source
is automatically reflected in the embedded snippet.
To embed a snippet, first make sure that:
- The project is public (if it's a project snippet)
- The snippet is public
- In **Project > Settings > Permissions**, the snippets permissions are
set to **Everyone with access**
Once the above conditions are met, the "Embed" section will appear in your snippet
where you can simply click on the "Copy to clipboard" button. This copies a one-line
script that you can add to any website or blog post.
Here's how an example code looks like:
<script src=""></script>
Here's how an embedded snippet looks like:
<script src=""></script>
Embedded snippets are displayed with a header that shows the file name if defined,
the snippet size, a link to GitLab, and the actual snippet content. Actions in
the header allow users to see the snippet in raw format and download it.
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