Commit 50d1e9a1 authored by charlie ablett's avatar charlie ablett 🔨

Remove potentially noisy warning

- If Gitaly calls are missing, it could be due to a conditional and
may just become noise
parent 9a8ee1eb
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......@@ -60,8 +60,6 @@ module Types
# involved with the request.
if @calls_gitaly && Gitlab::GitalyClient.get_request_count == 0
raise "Gitaly is called for field '#{name}' - please add `calls_gitaly: true` to the field declaration"
elsif !@calls_gitaly && Gitlab::GitalyClient.get_request_count > 0
raise "Gitaly not called for field '#{name}' - please remove `calls_gitaly: true` from the field declaration"
rescue => e
......@@ -127,10 +127,6 @@ describe Types::BaseField do
it 'does not raise an error if calls_gitaly is true' do
expect { gitaly_field.send(:calls_gitaly_check) }.not_to raise_error
it 'raises an error if calls_gitaly is not decalared' do
expect { no_gitaly_field.send(:calls_gitaly_check) }.to raise_error(/please remove `calls_gitaly: true`/)
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