Commit 1dca950c authored by Marin Jankovski's avatar Marin Jankovski

Fix failing submodule test.

parent 9abee4ea
......@@ -16,7 +16,8 @@ describe SubmoduleHelper do
it 'should detect ssh on standard port' do
Gitlab.config.gitlab.stub(ssh_port: 22) # set this just to be sure
Gitlab.config.gitlab_shell.stub(ssh_port: 22) # set this just to be sure
Gitlab.config.gitlab_shell.stub(ssh_path_prefix: Settings.send(:build_gitlab_shell_ssh_path_prefix))
stub_url([ config.user, '@',, ':gitlab-org/gitlab-ce.git' ].join(''))
submodule_links(submodule_item).should == [ project_path('gitlab-org/gitlab-ce'), project_tree_path('gitlab-org/gitlab-ce', 'hash') ]
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