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Clean up the text in pages view

parent 6f999703
......@@ -142,25 +142,32 @@
- if @project.pages_url
Congratulations. Your pages are served at:
Congratulations! Your pages are served at:
%p= link_to @project.pages_url, @project.pages_url
- else
To publish pages create .gitlab-ci.yml with
%strong pages job
and send public/ folder to GitLab.
Learn how to upload your static site and have it served by
GitLab by following the #{link_to "documentation on GitLab Pages", "", target: :blank}.
Use existing tools:
In the example below we define a special job named
%code pages
which is using Jekyll to build a static site. The generated
HTML will be stored in the
%code public/
directory which will then be archived and uploaded to GitLab.
The name of the directory should not be different than
%code public/
in order for the pages to work.
image: jekyll
script: jekyll build
image: jekyll/jekyll
script: jekyll build -d public/
- public
- public/
- if @project.pages_url && can?(current_user, :remove_pages, @project)
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