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Regression issue

We want to aid communication between the issue tracker team and the release manager with this.

A first example of this issue is #294
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......@@ -201,6 +201,17 @@ Include a link to the blog post and keep it short.
Proposed email for CE: "We have released a new version of GitLab Community Edition and its packages. See our blog post(<link>) for more information."
### **10. Create a regressions issue**
On [the GitLab CE issue tracker on]( create an issue titled "GitLab X.X regressions" add the following text:
This is a meta issue to discuss possible regressions in this monthly release and any patch versions.
Please do not raise issues directly in this issue but link to issues that might warrant a patch release.
The decision to create a patch release or not is with the release manager who is assigned to this issue.
The release manager will comment here about the plans for patch releases.
Assign the issue to the release manager and /cc all the core-team members active on the issue tracker. If there are any known bugs in the release add them immediately.
# **23rd - Optional Patch Release**
# **24th - Update**
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