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    Use Gitlab::PushOptions for `ci.skip` push option · 1883e320
    Luke Duncalfe authored
    Previously the raw push option Array was sent to Pipeline::Chain::Skip.
    This commit updates this class (and the chain of classes that pass the
    push option parameters from the API internal `post_receive` endpoint to
    that class) to treat push options as a Hash of options parsed by
    The GitLab::PushOptions class takes options like this:
        -o ci.skip -o merge_request.create -o merge_request.target=branch
    and turns them into a Hash like this:
          ci: {
            skip: true
          merge_request: {
            create: true,
            target: 'branch'
    This now how Pipeline::Chain::Skip is determining if the `ci.skip` push
    option was used.
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