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    Merge branch 'master' into sh-headless-chrome-support · f7837988
    Mike Greiling authored
    * master: (113 commits)
      Introduce new hook data builders for Issue and MergeRequest
      Don't create todos for old issue assignees
      Start adding Gitlab::HookData::IssuableBuilder
      Include the changes in issuable webhook payloads
      Rename the `codeclimate` job to `codequality`
      Don't show an "Unsubscribe" link in snippet comment notifications
      Add QA::Scenario::Gitlab::Group::Create
      Removes CommitsList from global namespace
      Fix wiki empty page translation namespace not being removed
      Fixes mini graph in commit view
      Fix link to new i18n index page
      Update i18n docs
      Move i18n/introduction to i18n/index
      Resolve "Simple documentation update - backup to restore in restore section"
      Remove AjaxLoadingSpinner and CreateLabelDropdown from global namespace
      Move cycle analytics banner into a vue file
      Updated Icons + Fix for Collapsed Groups Angle
      Don't create fork networks for root projects that are deleted
      Remove executable permissions on images to make docs lint happy
      Sync up hard coded DN class in migration
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