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    Enforces terms in the web application · 7684217d
    Bob Van Landuyt authored
    This enforces the terms in the web application. These cases are
    - Logging in: When terms are enforced, and a user logs in that has not
      accepted the terms, they are presented with the screen. They get
      directed to their customized root path afterwards.
    - Signing up: After signing up, the first screen the user is presented
      with the screen to accept the terms. After they accept they are
      directed to the dashboard.
    - While a session is active:
      - For a GET: The user will be directed to the terms page first,
        after they accept the terms, they will be directed to the page
        they were going to
      - For any other request: They are directed to the terms, after they
        accept the terms, they are directed back to the page they came
        from to retry the request. Any information entered would be
        persisted in localstorage and available on the page.
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