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    Move job cancel/new button · 42bfffc4
    Fernando Arias authored
    * Move cancel button to where the Retry is normally placed
    * Move new issue button to be in sidebar view for desktop versions
    * Update specs
    Add changelog entry for moving cancel btn
    Remove mobile version job action buttons
    * Remove buttons showing up on seperate row on job sidebar
    * Show Retry button in mobile version next to build name
    Improve flexbox usage for job action buttons
    * Allow for cleaner scaling of job name and alignment of buttons
    Adjust the debug button icon size
    * Adjust debug icon size on the build sidebar so the debug button is the
    same height as the other buttons
    Tweak job name vertical margins
    * Changes are only made to job side vue
    * Remove old class that only changed margin on top
    * Adjust veritcal margin uniformy set to 0 via bootstrap margin class
    Update Karma tests for job side view
    * Update karms tests for mobile version of side view
    * Removed tests for new issue button since we are fixing in
    Fix rspec and static-analysis failures
    * Run Prettier
    * Update rspec css selectors
    Move job action buttons to new line
    * Move "New Issue" and "Debug" buttons to seperate line in job sidebar
    * Update specs
    Run Prettier to format JS
    Remove New Issue button from job header
    Make sure button spacing follows styleguide
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