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    There are several changes to this module:
    1. The use of an explicit stack in Participable#participants
    2. Proc behaviour has been changed
    3. Batch permissions checking
    == Explicit Stack
    Participable#participants no longer uses recursion to process "self" and
    all child objects, instead it uses an Array and processes objects in
    breadth-first order. This allows us to for example create a single
    Gitlab::ReferenceExtractor instance and pass this to any Procs. Re-using
    a ReferenceExtractor removes the need for running potentially many SQL
    queries every time a Proc is called on a new object.
    == Proc Behaviour Changed
    Previously a Proc in Participable was expected to return an Array of
    User instances. This has been changed and instead it's now expected that
    a Proc modifies the Gitlab::ReferenceExtractor passed to it. The return
    value of the Proc is ignored.
    == Permissions Checking
    The method Participable#participants uses
    Ability.users_that_can_read_project to check if the returned users have
    access to the project of "self" _without_ running multiple SQL queries
    for every user.
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