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      33874 confidential issue redesign
      Exclude merge_jid on Import/Export attribute configuration
      Resolve "User dropdown in filtered search does not load avatar on `master`"
      Re-add column locked_at on migration rollback
      Group-level new issue & MR using previously selected project
      [EE Backport] Update log audit event in omniauth_callbacks_controller.rb
      more eagerly bail when the state is prevented
      Move locked_at removal to post-deployment migration
      Add class to other sidebars
      Improve mobile sidebar
      reduce iterations by keeping a count of remaining enablers
      Store & use ConvDev percentages returned by Version app
      Store MergeWorker JID on merge request, and clean up stuck merges
      Backport changes in gitlab-org/gitlab-ee!2551 to CE
      DRY up caching in AbstractReferenceFilter
      Update CHANGELOG
      Add CHANGELOG entry
      Fix html structure Removes test for removed behavior
      Port form back to use form_tag
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