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    Bring back a custom dialler for Gitaly Ruby · 6e8b4bcb
    Andrew Newdigate authored
    This is a second fix for the GRPC bug related to using unix sockets
    alongside unix sockets. Previously we fixed incoming clients. This
    change fixes the connection between Gitaly and Gitaly-Ruby, which
    always relies on unix sockets, and which currently fail when http
    proxies are setup.
    A (too) long history of this change:
    * Unix sockets have never been officially supported by gRPC
    * Originally unix sockets didn't work at all, and you had to use a
    * Attempted to upgrade from gRPC 1.9 to 1.16 and found that our dialer
      broke connectivity:
    * Isolated the problem to this commit:
    * Fixed the problem by switching to the default dialer for unix: URLs
    * (note that it's still not officially supported, but without
      integration tests with proxy configurations, it seems to work)
    * In #1447, discovered that the default dialer breaks if one has http
      proxies configured (there was a also a second failure in
      !1032 which
      involved clients talking to Gitaly)
    * This change partially reverts
      !972 while keeping
      the fix for the original connectivity issue
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