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......@@ -94,6 +94,40 @@ match those in gitlab.yml.
|path|string|yes|Path to storage shard|
|name|string|yes|Name of storage shard|
### Git
The following values can be set in the `[git]` section of the configuration file:
|bin_path|string|no|Path to git binary. If not set, will be resolved using PATH.|
|catfile_cache_size|integer|no|Maximum number of cached cat-file processes (see below). Default 100.|
#### cat-file cache
A lot of Gitaly RPC's need to look up Git objects from repositories.
Most of the time we use `git cat-file --batch` processes for that. For
the sake of performance, Gitaly can re-use thse `git cat-file` processes
across RPC calls. Previously used processes are kept around in a "git
cat-file cache". In order to control how much system resources this uses
we have a maximum number of cat-file processes that can go into the
The default limit is 100 "catfiles", which constitute a pair of
`git cat-file --batch` and `git cat-file --batch-check` processes. If
you are seeing errors complaining about "too many open files", or an
inability to create new processes, you may want to lower this limit.
Ideally the number should be large enough to handle normal (peak)
traffic. If you raise the limit you should measure the cache hit ratio
before and after. If the hit ratio does not improve, the higher limit is
probably not making a meaningful difference. Here is an example
prometheus query to see the hit rate:
sum(rate(gitaly_catfile_cache_total{type="hit"}[5m])) / sum(rate(gitaly_catfile_cache_total{type=~"(hit)|(miss)"}[5m]))
### gitaly-ruby
A Gitaly process uses one or more gitaly-ruby helper processes to
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