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    Merge branch 'dl/pretty-reference' · d37cfe3b
    Junio C Hamano authored
    "git log" family learned "--pretty=reference" that gives the name
    of a commit in the format that is often used to refer to it in log
    * dl/pretty-reference:
      SubmittingPatches: use `--pretty=reference`
      pretty: implement 'reference' format
      pretty: add struct cmt_fmt_map::default_date_mode_type
      pretty: provide short date format
      t4205: cover `git log --reflog -z` blindspot
      pretty.c: inline initalize format_context
      revision: make get_revision_mark() return const pointer
      completion: complete `tformat:` pretty format
      SubmittingPatches: remove dq from commit reference
      pretty-formats.txt: use generic terms for hash
      SubmittingPatches: use generic terms for hash
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