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      Construct GITLAB_THROTTLE_USER_ALLOWLIST from a more detailed list · cdcf498c
      Craig Miskell authored
      The env var must be just a list of user ids, but we want to also note the username (for humans) *and* link to an issue where any remediation is being tracked, because these sort of bypasses are expected to be temporary while we work on fixes (better APIs, tiered rate-limits, etc).
      This change causes the cookbook to *construct* the environment variable value from a more detailed data structure.  In practice, the name and issue fields are arbitrary and not specifically required, just exemplars and the intended usage pattern.  The fact it is a hash will ensure operators provide a value, so this should encourage at least a comment.  I do not think it wise to require a specific value (hash with known fields) because the only way to enforce that is by chef failing a verification step at run time when rendering gitlab.rb, and our goal here is not worth the problems that might cause.
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      Update ssl file modes to accomodate `git` runned processes · 445d8093
      Alejandro Rodríguez authored
      Until now, all SSL cert/key pairs handled by this cookbook were comsumed
      by processes runned by the `root` user (in specific the `nginx` server).
      With the introduction of the Gitaly SSL setup this changes, since that
      process is runned by user `git`. For other services (e.g. postgresql) we
      have opted for having a `git` owned file in a folder different than
      /etc/gitlab/ssl managed by the cookbook that setups that serivce. That
      is not ideal for Gitaly, since it _is_ setup by this cookbook.
      This permission change makes it so the `git` user still doesn't have
      read access to the nginx keys (since it doesn't need to) but
      allows it to read the gitaly key.
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      Merge branch 'add-publisher' into 'master' · 579ef9ce
      Alejandro Rodríguez authored
      Update cookbook setup and license
      See merge request !84
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      Update cookbook setup and license · 38a383e5
      Alejandro Rodríguez authored
      This cookbook has been neglected for a while and it has become outdated
      in several ways we address here:
      - Update ruby in CI setup and in gem dependencies.
      - Update gitlab-styles and prefer its rubocop conventions over custom
      rules. Fix style infractions arising from this udpate.
      - Update license to MIT (the license used by our other cookbooks).
      Remove outadted notices and update copyright notice.
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