Commit 869dec14 authored by Marin Jankovski's avatar Marin Jankovski

Merge branch 'fix_mysql_include' into 'master'

MySQL Dependency Fix

I got a load error when I overwrote the below options.
- "external_database": true
- "database_adapter": "mysql"

If external_database is true and using mysql, this processing does not include "database::mysql", so it can't load 'mysql'.

cannot load such file -- mysql

Cookbook Trace:
/var/lib/aws/opsworks/cache/cookbooks/database/libraries/provider_database_mysql_user.rb:29:in `require'
/var/lib/aws/opsworks/cache/cookbooks/database/libraries/provider_database_mysql_user.rb:29:in `load_current_resource'

Resource Declaration:
 In /var/lib/aws/opsworks/cache/cookbooks/gitlab/recipes/database_mysql.rb
23: mysql_database_user gitlab['database_user'] do
24:   connection mysql_connection
25:   password gitlab['database_password']
26:   host mysql['client_host']
27:   action :create
28: end

See merge request !77
parents cece4524 9fcb95fb
......@@ -9,8 +9,8 @@ gitlab = node['gitlab']
# 5.Database
unless gitlab['external_database']
include_recipe "mysql::server"
include_recipe "database::mysql"
include_recipe "database::mysql"
mysql_connection = {
:host => mysql['server_host'],
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