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# Things to do when creating new monthly minor or major cookbook release
NOTE: This is a guide for GitLab developers.
## Check the official guides
Check the [install guide]( and the [update guide]( for any minor/major changes.
## Check for differences in template files
Diff between TEMPLATE and CONFIG in main GitLab repository
1. templates/gitlab.yml.erb and config/gitlab.yml.example
1. templates/nginx.erb and lib/support/nginx/gitlab
1. templates/unicorn.rb.erb and config/unicorn.rb.example
1. templates/database.yml.(postgresql | mysql).erb and config/database.yml.(postgresql | mysql)
## Change revision
In [default attributes]( change the revision for production environment
## Fix any failing tests
Most of the time only tests that need fixing are in [clone spec](spec/clone_spec.rb)
## Change the version of the cookbook
Replace the version in [metadata](metadata.rb) with the new version.
Example: If released GitLab version is 6.7, cookbook version is 0.6.7
## Running the cookbook in different environments
Provision a GitLab instance by using the cookbook in supported environments:
1. Ubuntu 12.04
1. CentOS 6.5
1. AWS OpsWorks
1. Vagrant (development)
After provisioning, login to each instance and *at least* create a repository and push to GitLab.
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