Commit 3afaf947 authored by Matthieu Vachon's avatar Matthieu Vachon

Added /etc/default/gitlab template file

 * This enables customization of gitlab app root directory.
parent cc03a74f
......@@ -195,6 +195,15 @@ ruby_block "Copy from example gitlab init config" do
template "/etc/default/gitlab" do
source "gitlab.default.erb"
mode 0755
:app_user => node['gitlab']['user'],
:app_root => node['gitlab']['path']
case gitlab['env']
when 'production'
# Updates defaults so gitlab can boot on start. As per man pages of update-rc.d runs only if links do not exist
# Copy this lib/support/init.d/gitlab.default.example file to
# /etc/default/gitlab in order for it to apply to your system.
# RAILS_ENV defines the type of installation that is running.
# Normal values are "production", "test" and "development".
# app_user defines the user that GitLab is run as.
# The default is "git".
app_user="<%= @app_user %>"
# app_root defines the folder in which gitlab and it's components are installed.
# The default is "/home/$app_user/gitlab"
app_root="<%= @app_root %>"
# pid_path defines a folder in which the gitlab and it's components place their pids.
# This variable is also used below to define the relevant pids for the gitlab components.
# The default is "$app_root/tmp/pids"
# socket_path defines the folder in which gitlab places the sockets
#The default is "$app_root/tmp/sockets"
# web_server_pid_path defines the path in which to create the pid file fo the web_server
# The default is "$pid_path/"
# sidekiq_pid_path defines the path in which to create the pid file for sidekiq
# The default is "$pid_path/"
\ No newline at end of file
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