1. 26 Sep, 2018 1 commit
  2. 13 Aug, 2018 1 commit
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      Add namespaces to all resources in ./charts. · b6e15e57
      Matthias van de Meent authored
      This is useful for manual debugging templated resources, and consistency in (sub)-charts:
      - charts are rendered with .Release.Namespace in their config values, meaning it will look at resources in that namespace.
      - If you use `helm template --namespace a | kubectl apply --namespace b` the configuration will not point to an incorrect namespace: the resources are specified for the correct namespace.
      [opinionated]: I moved the metadata structure from any order to [name, namespace, labels/annotations]. I think that is clearer/more consistent.
  3. 31 Jul, 2018 1 commit
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      redis/minio: set spec.strategy.type for stateful deployments with PVCs · 54d80f54
      Jason Plum authored
      Set the `spec.strategy.type: Recreate` for minio/redis, as they are stateful deployments with PVCs that can not be shared. The introduction of the default to `RollingUpdate` broke upgrades, and required manual user intervention to `scale 0` both deployments in order to upgrade. This ensures the value is present, resulting in explicit behavior.
      Adds comment to each chart's `spec.strategy` in regards to setting `spec.strategy.rollingUpdate: null` as a method for frictionless update.
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  18. 02 Apr, 2018 5 commits
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      Doc: replace all references of "Build Team" with "Distribution Team" · 07f3b414
      Jason Plum authored
      Self explanitory
      Closes #310
      [ci skip]
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      Redis-HA: cleanups before merge · fffd99e0
      Jason Plum authored
      - Small whitespace/format cleanups in redis-ha chart
      - Fix language in doc/charts/redis-ha
      - Remove spurious block in ./values.yaml due to merge/rebase on master
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      reverting loss of request values · 88dad0f6
      ejether authored
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      turning off redis-ha by default · 16e235d6
      ejether authored
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      WIP redis-ha: updated the redis chart and merged in the best parts of the... · 96b31e63
      ejether authored
      WIP redis-ha: updated the redis chart and merged in the best parts of the community redis-ha chart and then added stateful sets to it
      adding and correcting projected volumes for init container in stateful set. Added the slave and master configs into the config map and the appropreate confgure script lines
      worked around the auth issue, fixed config values
      reverting maintainer, adding config paths to the sentinel deployment, added image for testing purposes, we'll need to sort out what to do there
      reverting REDIS_CHART_PREFIX and updating the top level chart value for the redis-ha.nameOverride so that the name of the service is the same whether its is ha or not
      adding redis-ha to example-config.yaml
      using stadard labels for each object and adding preferred scheduling block to the sentinel deployment and the server statefulset
      updating redis-ha image
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      Be consistent in our initContainer naming · f587e9a6
      Jason Plum authored
      We had two patterns in play, making it hard to know which to use. I chose the simpler of the two:
      - `${chart}-config`
      - `configure`
      While looking into this, I also found that we have a mash of `*-dependencies`. The prefix was filled in multiple methods. I have simplified this down to just `dependencies`.
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  27. 19 Dec, 2017 2 commits
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      Redis: rename save.changes to save.writes · 45e03251
      Jason Plum authored
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      Redis: add persistence capability · 89803134
      Jason Plum authored
      Add Redis persistence capability through configuration: `persistence`
      Configuration of the disk which data is persisted is done via `disk`. It is currently laid out with only one member, `persistentVolumeClaim`. It is assumed that the administrator will have created the PV/PD prior to the configuration and deployment of the chart, if they chose to use truly persistent storage.
      If no `persistentVolumeClaim` is supplied, we'll map in an `emptyDir` volume automatically. This will no persist outside the `Pod` lifecycle, but will persist through container failures or pod restarts. It is limited to `10G` on the node.
      Configuration of snapshotting is done via an array of `time` and `change` pairs, which result in lines in `redis.conf` of the format `save ${time} ${changes}`. If the array is empty, then the rendered line will be `save ""` which disables snapshotting entirely.
        - time: 60
          changes: 1
  28. 16 Dec, 2017 1 commit
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      Redis: use init container to create redis.conf · 31ba44ce
      Jason Plum authored
      In the previous POC (#66), the configuration of the Redis instance while using the upstream container was complete, with the limitation of setting the password for the Redis instance via `requirepass` as a command line argument failed. This builds upon that work, but adds an `initContainer` that appends the `requirepass ${redis-password}` to the end of the `redis.conf` that is provided via `ConfigMap` and places it into an `emptyDir` tmpfs mount that is shared between containers in the pod. The Redis container then uses that generated `redis.conf`.
      The `initContainer` used here is `busybox` to maintain a minimal impact. The container calls `/config/configure`, which is mapped from the `ConfigMap`. This allows us programmatic, template controllable additions for other items of `Secrets` that might be needed in the future.
      This model may serve us well for any other upstream containers we seek to use, but configure in ways that their original authors did not forsee (e.g. complex Helm templating)
  29. 15 Dec, 2017 1 commit
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      Redis: round 1 POC · 26e11b97
      Jason Plum authored
      This chart functions, however setting the password via cmdline or scripted environment is an issue. Thus, omnibus can't actually reach it with the correct password.
      [ci skip]